The Nimbus Platform goes live on Binance Smart Chain on June 8, at 12:00 pm GMT.

With Nimbus on BSC, users will not only enjoy all functionality with 15X lower gas fees but also access the freshly-minted NBU & GNBU tokens of BEP-20 standard.

Why get BEP-20 NBU & GNBU now?

The timing couldn’t get any better: the upcoming PancakeSwap listing, 2 new dApps, and Nimbus global expansion can boost the adoption in June like never before Especially now that the BSC version of the platform is officially recommend as the primary one for users worldwide.



The environmental, social, and governance (ESG) trend has finally reached the crypto business, and a growing number of institutional investors are wary of investing in “contaminating currencies.” Vitalik Buterin anticipated this problem, which is why the so-called difficulty bomb was implemented to help reach the eventual aim of switching to PoS and Ethereum 2.0.

Nimbus team is also working on the green development

Defi platforms continue to get compromised by hackers. This time, internet pirates have stolen $7 million from BurgerSwap

As mentioned earlier, the Defi sector held up well throughout last week’s sell-off, demonstrating that DEX activity and consistent coin stability indicate that the sector is ready for broad adoption. Regardless of what happens, new users continue to join the Defi ecosystem.

Finally, Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary announced that he is launching Defi investing company



During the Increased Staking APY Program, a total of 1,195,984 NBUs were staked.

On the 24th of May 2021 should have been the last day for the program to end.

But does Increased Staking Reward Program really end today? No, it doesn’t!

The demand for the program has been incredible, so Nimbus decided that the Nimbus 3X boosted APY Program will NOT end on the 24th of May, but a month later on the 25th of June.

You know Nimbus’s expansion and the two dApps are well on the way, which is likely to reflect in terms of market appreciation for your tokens. So, HOLD your tokens, and stake them that’s the best mantra.

Now this another month to bag 3X the rewards of up to 40 percent APY, why wait?



Happy to announce that all Nimbus ecosystem smart contracts (besides the final part for switching to BSC) were successfully audited by multiple audit teams, including Hacken which is the primary auditor.

The great news is that none of the auditing team has identified a single critical vulnerability in the Nimbus smart contracts.

The only few suggestions made by the auditors aim at further improving the gas economy (which is already top-notch compared with many DeFi projects) and enhancing the overall development process.

Nimbus developers are swiftly working on the feedback, addressing the proposals, and submitting the updates to the audit teams for reassessment.

Once the final optimistic report is received, Nimbus will have the foundation to roll out the dApps and proceed with the BSC integration, the report which will follow shortly.



Trephason Reuben

Blockchain evangelist, Crypto and DeFi enthusiast, creative thinker and a content creator.