Highlights from Nimbus Events in March 2021

Dear Nimbus Community,

There has been so much activity around your Nimbus platform lately. The past few months have been truly thrilling, with Nimbus picking up gradual momentum. As we progress, we are expanding horizons, exploring new opportunities, partnerships, collaborations, demand, and so much more. Things began quite gently, but now that we are on full speed more, we have many updates to reveal!

Our CEO, Jorge Sebastiao, is quite a talk of the DeFi town. As the main Nimbus representative, Jorge has attracted the attention of acclaimed event organizers who wish to have him as a key speaker in their events. Then, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Jorge’s schedule for March 2021 was packed with back-to-back conferences, interviews and meetings, which we shall elaborate on, down below.

Jorge’s exceptional expertise and experience in Cybersecurity, the blockchain and DeFi space heralds him as an imminent personality and a well-known expert in not just the blockchain space but also in the traditional sectors — it is indeed an honor to have him as the main representative of Nimbus and our community!

So, without further ado,

Welcome to the Nimbus event newsletter — March Edition. This series is intended to give the Nimbus community all the insider details on the most coveted events regarding Nimbus. So, you folks are always in the loop!

There were multiple meetings and interviews that took place between Nimbus representatives and the key players from all across the world. Let’s take a look at the key events that shall prove to be very productive for Nimbus and the community in the long run.

Key Events — March 14th to 10th April 2021 — The Conferences Report

The Dubai DAO Consensus Summit of 2021 is a highly coveted global event for many good reasons. The agenda of the summit was to explore a more open and inclusive digital economy. The event attracted key DeFi companies, investors, and enthusiasts who see the tremendous potential behind a decentralized economy.

Jorge spoke on several key DeFi elements, including — blockchain integrating with world assets, smart contracts, cybersecurity, etc. One of our key meetings was with the CEO of DAO Consensus, where we discussed potential cooperation.

The Ritossa family office is a highly prestigious private event. The occasion brings together the most heralded family offices, private investors, prominent business leaders, generations of financial families, and Sheikhs. For such gatherings, it’s never an easy thing for startups to join — and the fact that the Nimbus CEO was invited says quite a bit. That is the way to bring to life the true combination of digital assets and traditional financial and investment products.

In this coveted gathering of the ultra-elite, Nimbus was represented by our CEO, Jorge Sebastiao, to reinforce the link with the new financial world and the concept of true decentralization and the DAO. There were over 200 personalities who were present at the event, many of whom belonged to eminent Family offices, Investment sectors and Sheikhs. The event consisted of a two-day Conference, Ritossa Bitcoin SV dinner, and panel discussion on the importance of blockchain and data protection, where we managed to build up lots of new connections and reinforce the existing ones.

The agenda of the CC Forum was to rethink the world’s existing paradigm. The traditional business ideology is falling behind by large margins in the current times. We need sustainable investments and businesses to redefine the course of action. Exploration of the world challenges and prospects brought by DeFi and decentralized governance.

Our CEO Jorge Sebastiao talked about Nimbus’s key role in DeFi disruption, the importance of blockchain technology, its emerging use cases, power of the Nimbus dApps, asset tokenization, and Nimbus expanding into Dubai’s blockchain/DeFi market.


Lately, many Turkish influencers have created content about Nimbus, and the community is growing faster than ever. As a part of our global expansion initiative, we have decided to focus on Turkey as our next key market.

The Blockchain Wave, held in Antalya, Turkey, was an important event. The main agenda of the event was to explore international blockchain innovation, new trends in the Crypto market, investments in blockchain projects, and so much more.

Our CEO, Jorge Sebastiao, was one of the key speakers, where he discussed the future of DeFi and Nimbus’ role in the maturation of a decentralized economy. This occasion shall be vital in bringing a fresh wave of potential strategic partners, liquidity providers, and stakeholders to the Nimbus platform. Jorge also had a special interview with one of the key Turkish influencers — you’ll see it online soon!

More Yet to Come!

March was indeed quite an eventful month for Nimbus and our community. Nimbus is currently moving at a phenomenal speed, and the global demand is quite extraordinary. But things have simply begun; it is only a matter of time when Nimbus attracts further attention from different areas of the world. As we progress, we are also focusing on making DeFi inclusive and accessible to all our users and interested participants through Nimbus. Our CEO, Jorge Sebastiao, plays an essential role in this global venture due to his influence and high status in the blockchain and DeFi worlds.

We hope this newsletter brings you closer to all the important occurrences regarding Nimbus. April is surely going to be another bustling month. Stay tuned since the best is yet to come!




Blockchain evangelist, Crypto and DeFi enthusiast, creative thinker and a content creator.

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Trephason Reuben

Trephason Reuben

Blockchain evangelist, Crypto and DeFi enthusiast, creative thinker and a content creator.

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