Nimbus on BSC Update — The Wrap Machine, PancakeSwap Listing, Easy Integration, and More

Nimbus on BSC — Same but Even Better

  1. Accessing the Platform on BSC: You must add your wallet to the platform in order to use it. Although several wallets are compatible with Binance Smart Chain, Nimbus recommends MetaMask, which is compatible with both Ethereum and BSC. To get started, simply set your MetaMask to work with BSC and enjoy the benefits of pure performance! On the Nimbus platform, you will be able to move between the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain Networks by simply clicking on the “Switch Network” tab in your MetaMask.
  2. The dApps on BSC: The rationale of the dApps will remain the same, although there may be some variations due to the underlying blockchain.
    For example, due to the difference in gas fees, the APYs for the upcoming Lending-Borrowing dApp would be different. Nimbus on BSC would have various collateral options and digital assets in use. BSC’s Nimbus Swap machine can also show which token pairs are compatible with BSC, such as BUSD and WETH. Aside from that, all of the Nimbus platform’s current advantages remain the same. All that has changed is that our customers will now have access to a larger ecosystem, more benefits, and improved cost efficiency.
  3. The Nimbus tokens on BSC: The key thing to note is that the same ERC-20 NBU and GNBU tokens cannot be used on both blockchains. That is why NBU and GNBU must be replicated in the BSC-accepted BEP-20 standard. The tokenomics and use-cases outlined in our tokenomics sheet will be included in the BEP-20 versions of our tokens.



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