Rage.Fan Partners with UNIFTY

Rage.Fan is very happy to announce a Strategic Partnership with Unifty.
With only a few taps, UNIFTY is a new hub for NFT projects to mint, purchase, sell, swap, and build NFT farms. If you are completely in control of your contracts, there is no need for coding or complicated contract interactions.

Vision for Collaboration

This collaboration will enhance Rage.Fan’s NFT capabilities and help the company expand its NFT portfolio to a broader audience through new channels.
Rage.Fan can use Unifty’s multichain infrastructure to provide users with convenient access to Rage.Fan-powered NFTs. Rage.time Fan’s to market would be much shorter as a result of this.

We are excited to partner with Unifty on launching some of our unique sports-focused uNFTs. The Unifty platform enables projects like ours to easily and quickly build out new GTM proof of concepts and evaluate market opportunities. Looking forward to a great journey!— A Satheesh, CEO Rage.Fan

“Rage.Fan is working to build some interesting utility around NFTs and sports field action. We like their vision and we believe the product that we have built and continue to expand on will be bang on target for such innovative use-cases. Excited to welcome them onboard” — Colin Platt, COO Unifty.io

About Unifty

Unifty is the hub for NFT projects. Create, manage, and market NFT collections without any line of code while fully owning the smart contracts.

About Rage.Fan

Rage.Fan is a fan-first decentralized fantasy sports platform where players will have the opportunity to acquire action cards based on NFTs to earn additional in-game points. Players will partake in an Augmented Reality based Token hunt platform, Scramble, to collect $RAGE coins. The platform will also host a one-of-kind Sports Oracle offering reliable secure off-chain sports data.

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Blockchain evangelist, Crypto and DeFi enthusiast, creative thinker and a content creator.

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Trephason Reuben

Trephason Reuben

Blockchain evangelist, Crypto and DeFi enthusiast, creative thinker and a content creator.

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