Scramble is the first augmented reality-based token and digital asset interaction app. Instead of traditional airdrops, Rage.Fans scramble combines Blockchain and AR to create a unique and engaging coin detection experience. The game is simple and straightforward where users see the list of tokens and encrypt them. To shuffle, they have to physically go to the location of the coin and catch it on their mobile device.

Scramble has two main purposes. First, it is an opportunity for users to learn basic concepts related to blockchain and crypto assets through gamification. Second, highlight certain token tools and provide information. So this is a balanced mix of games and cash rewards at the same time. So It is a winning (l) while winning situation.

Users have an idea of ​​their favorite project and can connect with them by receiving their tokens. Since the PokemonGo-inspired token collection includes an element of gamification, it provides more interaction and a sense of post-token success. Projects can reward users who own more tokens by being able to shuffle more tokens in comparison. to others. The platform was also created to meet specific geographic needs from a marketing and localization perspective.

Blockchain projects can not only flaunt Scramble but also for marketing initiatives through location-based events on Scramble. For example, a chain of coffee shops may allow its customers to buy coins at its coffee shops. Sports-based NFT providers can encourage fans to catch NFT during a game.

Users new to the world of cryptocurrencies can use the app to create a new wallet, collect coins, and learn about some interesting benefits from the coins they have earned.


Blockchain projects work with Scramble to launch tokens for the community.

Restaurants, banks, cafes, etc. for token distribution. Therefore, the location types are chosen.

The volume of the token to be distributed is added to the mix.

If necessary, add wallet addresses to the whitelist

User downloads and signs up by creating a wallet in Scramble or by linking the existing wallet.

The user shows the available tokens on the map and can approach and catch them.

The collected tokens are added to the user’s wallet

About Rage.Fan

Scramble is being powered by Rage.Fan.

Rage.Fan is a fan-first decentralized fantasy sports platform where players will have the opportunity to acquire action cards based on NFTs to earn additional in-game points. Players will partake in an Augmented Reality based Token hunt platform to collect $RAGE coins. The platform will also host a one-of-kind Sports Oracle offering reliable secure off-chain sports data.

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Blockchain evangelist, Crypto and DeFi enthusiast, creative thinker and a content creator.

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Trephason Reuben

Trephason Reuben

Blockchain evangelist, Crypto and DeFi enthusiast, creative thinker and a content creator.

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